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Key Features

KeepMeRight manages the process of GDPR, providing a work-flow for each of your main responsibilities and providing evidence of your compliance in case you need to provide it to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

Full Visibility

Every outstanding issue appears on your dashboard, on overhead menus and is sent to you via Email and SMS. Sleep easy in the knowledge that if anything needed your attention, you would know about it.

Logs & Reporting

An important aspect of GDPR compliance (and a major factor in mitigating potential fines) is to maintain a "system" with logging at each step of the processes. KeepMeRight automatically creates logs for every action that takes place and then produces an instant PDF report that will go a long way to demonstrate your commitment and compliance.

Website Compliance Widget

What's even better than having a system to manage your GDPR? Having a widget on your website linked to the system to allow data subjects to interact directly with your GDPR compliance system.

In a nutshell

What is KeepMeRight?

KeepMeRight provides a structure for managing GDPR. The new regulation has put a lot of emphasis on an organisation's ability to provide evidence that they have incorporated GDPR into their systems and training their data processors. KeepMeRight will guide you through each process, ensuring that you know about looming deadlines for dealing with incidents and providing you with a powerful ally in proving your commitment to GDPR.

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More KeepMeRight Features

We don't like to do things that a computer can do for us.
We don't like having to remember about things when a computer can remind us about them.
Data Mapping
Data mapping is a powerful way to help you visualise where your data comes from, goes to - and persists. KeepMeRight has a very simple tool for mapping your data and automatically produces a flow-diagram for your report.
Subject Access Requests (SARs)
Under GDPR, people have the right to query what data is being processed and get a copy of the information. KeepMeRight automates the process of working through your datasets to fulfill SARs within the deadline imposed by GDPR.
Complaint Handling
If someone is complaining to you, then they are not complaining to someone else about you. KeepMeRight incorporates complaint management into the website widget so that a complaint can be lodged directly.
GDPR Compliance Report
At the touch of a button, you can output your entire system to demonstrate your commitment and compliance to GDPR. The report includes sections that are already written for you: because they explain what KeepMeRight does for you.
Automatic Checklists
The system knows where your data is stored and can automatically create checklists of the places you need to check. When a RTBF, SAR etc is initiated, a checklist is automatically produced to allow you to work through the various data locations.
Right to be forgotten
Erasure Requests or RTBFs are a new feature of GDPR and is an area that is expected to trip a lot of organisations up. KeepMeRight allows the erasure process to be initiated from your website and guides you through the process within the deadlines.
Automatic Notifications & Response
A key requirement of GDPR is to acknowledge a subject request or issue promptly and then to deal with the issue within a time-frame. KeepMeRight automatically sends a customisable acknowledgement email to the subject and notifies you about the incident.
Privacy and Policies
Maintain your Privacy Policies and other documents in KeepMeRight and display them in your own website using our widget. When you update them, they will instantly change on your site.
Knowledge Base
KeepMeRight has a built in knowledge base where you can ask any question related to the system or to GDPR. The knowledge base allows you to build up a source of answers to questions ensuring that your organisation learns from previous experiences.


Please select a payment plan that suits you.
You can manage your subscription from inside the system.

  • standard (The Bare Essentials)
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  • GDPR Management
  • Data Breach Management
  • Compliance Evidence
  • Erasure Management
  • Access Request Management
  • Data Mapping
  • GDPR Training Records
  • Policy Control
  • Website Widget
  • Automatic Compliance Report
  • Email & SMS Notifications
  • Unlimited System Upgrades
  • Up to 20 GDPR issues per month
  • Free Trial
  • Multi-website (Larger Organisations)
  • £
  • All "Basic" Features PLUS...
  • Up to 10 Website Widgets
  • Customisable Widget Styling
  • Customisable Widget Options
  • Customisable Compliance Report
  • Up to 100 GDPR issues per month
  • Free Trial
  • FULLY Managed Service
  • £
  • All Other Features
  • Unlimited Website Widgets
  • Maintained Privacy Policy
  • Maintainted Data Protection Policy
  • Compliance Report Review
  • Expert GDPR Advice
  • Free Trial


  • GDPR seemed very daunting to us. Everyone seemed to be trying to sell us
    training and consultancy with the treat of huge fines. KeepMeRight puts it into perspective
    KeepMeRight GDPR Testimonial1
    Reggie Smith
    Managing Director, Reading
  • Installed the widget in under 5 minutes. Done!
    I hope I never need it, but it is comforting to know that "it" knows what to do if something comes up.
    KeepMeRight GDPR Testimonial2
    Amanda Sitam
    Web & Graphics Designer Glasgow UK
  • I was most impressed by the Compliance Report - it printed out 12 pages - after only 30 minutes putting information in.
    I can't imagine how long it would take to write the report manually
    KeepMeRight GDPR Testimonial3
    Marcus Smith
    Manager, London
  • I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs to get GDPR compliant in a hurry.
    It automatically grabs your registration details straight from the ICO database.
    KeepMeRight GDPR Testimonial4
    Jack Kennedy
    Kennedy Accountancy, Belfast
  • I am responsible for GDPR within our group and have been looking for a simple way to manage our compliance.
    KeepMeRight is exactly what we need: a place for everything and everything in it's place!
    KeepMeRight GDPR Testimonial5
    Amanda Simpson
    H&A Legal Services, Swindon

Don't get caught out

Showing Compliance

Just by using KeepMeRight, you are going a long way to show your compliance. By setting up your system and responding to alerts as they happen, you will be following the requirements of GDPR.

Prevention is better than cure

Having all your processes under one roof means that nothing is overlooked. When you use KeepMeRight, all the issues bubble up to the surface so that you can stay in control.

Security Matters

Do you know what to do if someone reports a data breach? KeepMeRight will guide you through the process and we will be on hand to provide additional support if you need us.

This is the simplest way to stay GDPR compliant. Free Trial